Liquid Limestone

Arguably one of the most elegant and aesthetically pleasing concrete styles is the liquid limestone variant. Liquid limestone may not be traditional concrete, but it still acts surprisingly similar and makes for a soft, visually appealing floor type for both indoor and outdoor settings.

If you’re looking for an incredible flooring solution that matches concrete in its hardiness but is unmatched in its finish, reach out to Aus Concreters today.

top quality

We take every concreting project seriously and ensure the end result is an incredibly hardy and elegant limestone finish. Our customers work hard on their outdoor spaces, renovations and other home projects, so it’s only right that we work just as hard for them. Our expert concreters make it their mission to pour limestone concrete in a way that’s level and also at a desired thickness.

Customer focused

At Aus Concreters, our customers are our primary focus at all times. We formulate our limestone ratios based on your requirements and work hard to ensure the final product matches not only your requirements but also your home’s style. After the work is complete, we also provide a guarantee and support solutions to answer any questions or make any changes our customers would like.

What our customers say

I’d been contemplating whether to have a concrete patio to have faux tiling painted down, or to have liquid limestone poured. I decide on Aus Concreters’ liquid limestone as the photos and reviews were fantastic, and I can undoubtedly say it lives up to all expectations! It’s a great floor, looks fantastic and feels great under the feet.

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Jane, Applecross

Many thanks to the team on my liquid limestone project. The task was completed in just a few days, and the etching is incredibly precise! It indeed looks like a limestone tiled floor but cost so much less! Would work with these guys again and certainly recommend.

5 Star Rview for Appliance Repair specialists in Perth

Dave, Waterman's Bay



Custom Pattern Etching

As our Perth liquid limestone isn’t exactly concrete, there’s much more you can do with the product than most people think. If you’d like your limestone to have tile-shaped etching or a custom pattern of your choice engraved into the flooring, simply let us know. We use diamond-tipped tools to precision-etch shapes, tiling, patterns and much more into our poured limestone floors.

Floor and Site Cleanups

As you’d expect, pouring a limestone slab or floor can be messy business, so we take the hassle out of the pour for you and clean up. We pressure spray off the slab once it’s dried and move on to cleaning up our site. We’ll work hard to ensure your site is left as clean as it was before we arrived, which means rubbish cleanup, hose downs and other services are all included the Aus Concreters experience in Perth.

Steel Reinforcement

We implement steel reinforcement mesh into our poured limestone floors as well as concrete ones, to reduce the chances of cracking or movement after the pour. This way you can rest assured that from the moment the limestone has hardened, you’ll not have to worry about any cracks, dips or un-level surfaces appearing in the future.

Additional FAQs

If liquid limestone isn’t concrete, what is it?

This is a common question most of our clients have, though thankfully the answer is quite simple. Primarily, poured limestone is crushed up limestone powder that has been mixed with coloured cement to create a tone or hue of your choosing.

The limestone, once poured, hardens because of the cement and becomes a solid, stable floor that’s best used for pools.

One benefit limestone has over concrete is that the substance doesn’t heat up like concrete does, making it an optimal flooring type for around pools and outdoor entertaining areas. No more burned feet.

Does poured limestone chip or weather away like natural limestone?

Thankfully no. As we’ve mixed a cement hardener into the limestone, the final result is a completely solid flooring type that won’t show any signs of weathering or disintegration the way natural limestone does.

Of course, we don’t suggest you be extra abrasive or rough with your limestone flooring, but should there be a few mishaps, your floor will be fine.

What will the floor look like?

As you can see on our website, the poured limestone looks somewhat Mediterranean in style and quite pleasant to look at. You’ll have a rather rustic new floor to look at once we’re done, and with correct coating, sealant and pouring techniques the floor will be smooth and comfortable to walk on too.

Will I need to treat the floor different to typical concrete?

No. You’ll notice that the liquid limestone is just as hardy and robust as traditional concrete, which means there are no special provisions you’ll need to take in order to keep the flooring safe or to help it last longer.


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